Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Roundup

Let me tie up some loose ends from earlier posts:

  • Thanksgiving has come and gone. As predicted: good food, annoying company. Fortunately, law school didn't come up too many times. The unnecessary "congratulations on passing the bar" did find its way into the conversation. I tried to remain as uninvolved as possible, which may have shielded me from the rest of the usually obligatory inquisition.

  • I did overhear one 20 something talking about going to law school, but she said she had decided not to go through with it, so I didn't have to launch into my 20 minute rant. Funny, she mentioned that she was interested in "corporate law" - aren't we all? Any temp workers out there want to share the joys of "working in corporate law"?

  • My friend who is in IT told me his story of getting into his current position as a financial analyst/programmer. He actually didn't complete his senior year of high school - he just took night school classes in English and U.S. History (which he failed in 11th grade) and somehow got his diploma (not GED). He worked in a call center and learned databases, VB, and how the company's accounting worked (through on the job training). Now he has a great financial analyst job because employers actually care about people who know what they're doing not fancy degrees.

  • I have another friend who also has worked his way up from a call center into a management position. He didn't avoid the college debt, unfortunately, but he also didn't actually graduate. Apparently, that slip of paper isn't holding him back. Here's the lesson kids, a year in the call center cubicles beats four years learning about "Feminist Folklore in Multicultural Societies" at a four year liberal arts TTT. Oh yeah, "But I Have a Law Degree!"

  • Coming soon, a new animated movie mocking the law school industry.

  • Upcoming posts: Updates on my job search, tips on getting into IT, a review of Kim Walton's Guerrilla Tactics for Getting the Legal Job of Your Dreams, and more!
Did I forget any promised updates, readers? Let me know. I hope everybody had a happy Thanksgiving.


  1. This blog is pretty funny. Have you ever submitted a job application without listing your JD? I know, it's pathetic that we have to even consider this.

  2. Thanks :) I haven't done so yet - Look for a future post on this topic.


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