Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Joined the ABA

If learning this comes as a surprise to you, it actually came as a surprise to me as well.

Apparently, while the law school scam is humming along nicely during the recession thanks to an endless supply of federally backed loans, the ABA hasn't been so fortunate. (I guess even recessions have bright sides.)

This makes sense as struggling solos and unemployed lawyers, who need to decide between heating their homes or eating from somewhere other than the nearby dumpster, probably are not in the position to pay the annual $125 dues to the ABA.

Therefore, it looks like Ms. Lamm and her criminal buddies need to engage in some creative marketing techniques to ensure the long term fiscal help of this worthless organization. One such tactic is apparently to offer free one year ABA memberships to "recently" barred attorneys with the hope that many of us will lazily renew our membership at cost the following year.

I put "recently" in quotations because the ABA granted me free admission to the ABA under the guise of congratulating me for passing the bar - a "feat" that is now several months old.

The letter they sent me promises that as an ABA member I'll get networking opportunities, access to the ABA website, and use of the ABA's "economic recovery resources". In other words, I get nothing.

Oh, but they are going to mail me my PRESTIGIOUS ABA membership card. Yes, they actually used the word "prestigious". I didn't realize that being able to write a check for 125 dollars is all it takes to earn prestige.

The most insulting part is that they advertise my ability to sign up for CLE's and that if I send in a survey, they'll match me with appropriate products and services. Pretty much they have to hide behind the veneer of doing me a favor when they're just trying find a way to sell my information to make more money for themselves. Thanks for looking out for me, ABA.

Ah, but it isn't entirely a loss. After all, I received a certificate of membership to the ABA, which can double as a place mat for my Chinese food, and I was able to save a whopping ten bucks on a car rental thanks to some deal they have with Hertz.

That almost makes up for the $90k I wasted on law school. Oh wait, it doesn't.

Carol Lamm, if you're not going to do anything about the law school scam, please just leave its victims alone. Thanks.


  1. Hey, I actually joined because it costs them money to have me as a member. I paid 25 dollars (before free memberships) and I save much more than that in a year on my Sprint bill. Otherwise, why pay?

  2. I'm renewing my membership...because they won't let me continue being a committee vice chair if I don't.

  3. They will eventually cut you off after three years of not paying dues.

  4. Hey, you got something for nothing, so why bitch about it!

    When Dunkin Donuts offers a free Coolata I'll take it without worrying too much about the fact that they are just trying to lure me in to the smell of their sweet, delicious donuts.


  5. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT JOIN THE ABA! I am a solo practitioner and ABA policies hurt solos in particular and all lawyers in general. I am not giving them a cent until they lower the number of law schools accredited in this country. Get rid of Toilet law. Once lawschool in Texas had a 40% bar passage rate last year. Such schools need to go. THERE IS AN OVERSUPPLY OF LAWYERS BECAUSE OF ABA'S AGGRESSIVE ACCREDITATION OF LAWSCHOOLS! if medical schools can control their numbers, so can we!

  6. Join the ABA precisely BECAUSE their policies hurt solos in particular and all lawyers in general. The only way to get things changed is to get a critical mass of angry lawyers into the organization, and run candidates who will not put up with the overcreditation.


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