Monday, December 14, 2009

Esq. Never: As Seen in Wall Street Journal

When I first started law school, I probably dreamed of one day reaching a level of prominence that would allow me to be featured in the Wall Street Journal. The good news is that I've achieved that goal less than a year after graduating. The bad news is that instead of earning this honor as a general counsel of a major company, I earned the WSJ's attention for blogging and creating "strange little videos" about being unemployed.

According to the WSJ:

The article focuses to a degree on a 2009 graduate of a second-tier law school who has not been able to find a legal job and now is looking for work in other fields. The author, a sort of latter day Loyola 2L, chronicles the struggles of his job search on his blog, Esq. Never, in which he also posts these strange little videos on the problem. (Part I of his series “A Law School Carol” is linked above.)

Frankly, we found it hard to get past the computer-generated voices, but appreciated the message — that for many, graduating from law school is like being dropped off a cliff.

Apparently, these philistines don't know fine art when they see it*, but I appreciate the additional publicity.

For those of you who are new to the Esq. Never blog thanks to the recent publicity, welcome.

Here at Esq. Never, we have a good time poking fun at the law schools and their lies. I also try to encourage people not to go to law school (except in extraordinary circumstances). That said, I also want this blog to be instructive - to help those with J.D.'s to be able to transition away from the legal industry. I hope you can learn from my experiences and (numerous) mistakes as I look for a decent paying, non-legal job.

So, please bookmark this page, subscribe to the RSS feed, or just check back frequently as we continue with my quest. We'll laugh, we'll vent, we'll watch me lose my temper at the various commenters who insist that I'm just a self entitled, whiner with a bad attitude (hey! that's only a half truth!).

* I agree that the computer generated voices are annoying, but I'm glad that xtanormal still provides the free software to create these little cartoons. Thank you, xtranormal, the revolution wouldn't be possible without you.


  1. People need to wake up. Too many people make the awful decision to go to law school because they're too worried what girls or other people will think of them if they have some entry level job or if they don't know what to do. Blinded by pride = ends up in law school.

  2. One of my co-workers has referred her friend to my blog. She is a mother and is presently looking at law schools. The word is getting out.

  3. Esq. Never, you are a rockstar in the legal publication world.

  4. Another reference to you:

  5. Subverting the man; I love it. Having stood up to the man a few times myself & sometimes winning, I appreciate anyone's attempt to stand up & say "Enough!" to BS.


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