Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yet Another Catch

If you didn't think searching for a non-legal job with either a J.D. or a three year resume gap during a recession was hard enough, here's another hurdle.

As I've noted before, I'm pretty open to starting off low on the totem pole if it means having the opportunity to eventually advance to more demanding and lucrative positions. A number of companies (particularly financial firms) have programs designed to let entry level candidates learn the ropes and eventually advance into analyst and managerial programs.

Usually, they're looking for business majors - sometimes just finance majors - but usually business or economics in general is okay (occasionally they'll take non-b school major). Sounds good, right? Well, I actually left out a phrase. They're looking for "recent graduates".

Yes, sadly, being out of undergraduate school for too long can actually work against you even if you were building career experience (and of course earning a graduate degree).

I also know for a fact that companies do often times seek to hire people directly from college if for no other reason but to "groom" people for their organization. My former boss told me they passed over a number of candidates with MA degrees for my position because they wanted to train somebody who was starting his career. I don't know how much sense this makes, but it's apparently a pretty standard practice.

Of course, I have nothing to lose, so I'm actually going to apply for some of these positions. This is definitely a time to knock the J.D. off the resume. I may also wanted to crack out some "Just for Men" to cover up the grey patches around my temples.

If I get one of these positions, it will be good for the kids there - They can sit back and listen to 'Ol Grandpappy Esq. Never spin a yarn about the disaster that awaits them if they ever head off to law school.

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